Sona of pnoy reaction paper

Self-rated hunger has gone down from You created a government that truly works for you. If all you would do is to fill your own pockets, do not even think about it. Ang tinatayang gastos sa bawat biyahe ng pasahero ng LRT, 40 piso. Focusing further on accountability in government appropriations and spending, Aquino filed other reform-oriented bills, among which were Philippine National Police reform; an increase in penalties for corporations and work establishments not compliant with minimum wage; the banning of reappointment to the Judicial and Bar Council ; the prevention of reappointment and bypassing of the Commission on Appointments ; real property valuation based on international standards; and superior responsibility for senior military officers, who are ultimately responsible for their own subordinates.

Rampant killings upset them. And to me, PNoy has bluffed his way out of the presidency on an entirely make-believe world of prosperity. To the jeepney driver plying his route; to the teachers and students coming home from class; to the artists whose work inspires our sense of nationhood; to our policemen, our soldiers, our street sweepers, and our firemen; to you who work with honor, in the Philippines, in the oceans, or in other countries; our colleagues in government who stand steadfast with us, whatever province you come from, whatever party you belong to; every Filipino listening to me now—you made this happen.

In the Philippinesthere is God for people who are abused and abandoned. Thank you very much for the change that is now upon us. In the past year, we irrigated an additional 11, hectares of fields, not to mention the nearhectares of land we were able to rehabilitate.

A whole lot of good ideas about making the country work better: Inauguration of noynoy Aquino reaction paper. Inquirer] Scholars, scientists, researchers in many disciplines can easily demystify whatever myths have been today rolled out but it is of no compelling moment to even do so now.

Benigno Aquino III

The law authorizes only the President, the Vice President, the Senate President, the Speaker, the Chief Justice, and police vehicles, fire trucks, and ambulances to use sirens in the fulfillment of their official duties—no one else.

Meanwhile, it is axiomatic that underspending stunted growth, deprived the distribution of social and economic benefits and rolled in than rolled out the safety nets — an economic model that is hardly developmental.

In AugustAquino's father was brought before a military tribunal in Fort Bonifacio. Around 4, pesos or abour a third of their salaries goes directly to paying the rent. How can you do things properly if you still dwell on the past. InPresident Park visited Germany to borrow money.

We will invest on those who were once neglected. True or not, that time is over. The president is still on the process of proving to the Filipinos that we are on the right way, that we did not made mistake when we decided to vote for him.

The cash they once paid for rent can now be used for other needs. UP in one of its surveys gave PNoy only a grade of 4 which means that PNoy should take a removal if he wants to pass.

The lack of a clear human rights agenda is believed to be the reason why human rights violations continue unabated. This is only the beginning, and there is much left for us to do. We cannot simply let it pass.

How can they buy products and services from businesses if they do not have a proper income. According to the BIR, we have around 1.

It is imperative that our programs remain in sync, because the progress of the entire country will also redound to progress for your communities. No greater people than our own. Do you want to give everyone a fair chance to improve their lot in life.

As our nation's leader, he needs to have a clear mind in doing difficult tasks and implementing them.

SONA 2014 Highlights, Reaction Paper Sample & How to Prepare

Funding for infrastructure that will secure the sustained growth of the economy, which will then give rise to jobs, and public service that guarantees that no one will be left behind. He removed the district engineer from his post, and suspended the awarding of the project in an effort to uncover other anomalies that may have happened.

Inshortly after graduation, Aquino joined his family in the United States. Our foremost pledge to the Filipino people was to create more jobs, and we have delivered. Reaction to the last SONA of PNoy President Benigno "PNoy" Aquino III delivered a State of the Nation Address on Monday, July 25,at Batasan Complex, Quezon City, in front of senators, congressmen, his Cabinet, members of the press, business leaders, diplomats and other very important personalities.

Aug 08,  · On July 25,The Philippine President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III has spontaneously delivered his second State of the Nation Address as the president of the country.

SONA 2011 of President Noynoy Aquino (English translation of speech)

projects in major subject Biyernes, Oktubre 12, reaction paper- SONA. Reaction Paper on the. State of the Nation Address (SONA) Even if Pnoy did not mention the names of the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and former Chief of Justice Renato Corona he mentioned phrases for them.

He even said that “ ang magpatawad. "PNoy's SONA " State of the Nation Address Analysis. It has become a tradition that teachers in highschools and professors in colleges give their student an assignment to make a reaction paper on President's State of the Nation Address. SONA ; SONA MILF is an evidence that Moro people want to setle the problem trough peaceful solution but Pnoy is just an example of the Filipinos who’s continuously betraying the Bangsamoro people.

regardless of how many years of negotiation, the Filipinos has always using the constitution in order to reject the deal with the Moro. Apr 26,  · presidential decreeadministrative orderexecutive order

Sona of pnoy reaction paper
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