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For the purposes of the re-boot, an apprentice is defined as an industry trainee training towards a Level 4 qualification of credits or more. Based on these figures, we are setting a target for ITOs to enrol 14, additional new apprentices over the next five years to What employers want Employers are looking to hire the best person to meet their needs.

Modern Apprenticeships Programmes For 2001

In96, people being funded to participate in industry training did not achieve a single credit. Give a firm, confident handshake. For example, apprenticeship training to become a plumber or builder is subsidised through industry training, as are shorter qualifications in industries that have not traditionally trained through apprenticeships, such as aged care or the transport industry.

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This will be funded from money set aside in Budget to transition the industry training system. From the beginning ofthere will be a single subsidy rate supporting apprentices of every age.

After an initial meeting, your SLM will meet with you regularly in the workplace to: Fees for apprenticeship co-ordination will now be paid as part of the overall apprenticeship training fee, rather than separately to co-ordinators.


Please refer to the guidelines above for information on how and when to use the logos correctly. Providing an option for employers to access industry training funding directly will assist in ensuring ITOs provide a quality service to employers.

Your employer trains you Your employer will train you in the skills you need as you work. Hairdressing apprentieships can take up to 4 years. How will employers be given direct access to industry training funding.

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When the qualifications were recently reviewed, they were redesigned to ensure they fully cover the skills that industry requires. Make sure you say you want a career in the industry and that you want to do an apprenticeship. What will the funding arrangements be for New Zealand apprenticeships.

The fact sheet below explains why there are two different counts, how we count apprentices and the impact any operational changes have on the counts. Qualifications are regularly reviewed to ensure they are fit for purpose for both learners and industry.

Any organisation taking up this option would be subject to similar requirements for the use of funding as ITOs — with funding being used for formal industry training programmes, and trainees being required to progress towards qualifications to be eligible for funding.

New Zealand Apprenticeships are funded at a higher rate than industry training to ensure ITOs provide this level of support.

New Zealand Apprenticeships

Some employers may require you to undergo a trial period before they will take you on as an apprentice. Existing Modern Apprentices will continue to receive the same level of support for the next four years or until they finish their apprenticeship.

To ensure quality assurance, any such organisations would need to contract an authorised ITO or tertiary provider to moderate assessments and register credits achieved with NZQA. Each logo type is available in a range of file formats eps, pdf, jpg, tif, ai and sizes small, medium, large to make them compatible for printing or online use.

The actual amount paid to support each trainee will depend on the credit load of that trainee. The review found that although the system was not broken, there was room for significant improvement. Why is there a need to increase competition in industry training.

Why did the Government review industry training. Why is the apprenticeship re-boot needed. Will there be any funding changes to non-apprenticeship industry training programmes. Why do an apprenticeship?. The second phase of Modern Apprenticeships nationwide roll-out begins in June and Skill New Zealand is now seeking Modern Apprenticeships Co-ordinators to work with employers and apprentices in the new industries the scheme is to expand into.

"Modern Apprenticeships is working for young people and the nation's employers. The classic success story. Apprenticeships are the proven way that businesses develop excellent skills and expertise in the workplace and employees build satisfying careers on the job.

Southern Group Training Trust is an apprentice employer. We pay you the apprentice, your host company pays us for your time, and we make sure that you’re learning what you need to complete your apprenticeship qualification.

Our experienced, industry trained Training Managers help keep you motivated and make sure that you take the best path. Modern Apprenticeships, a new work-based education initiative for young people, will be established over the next 18 months by Skill New Zealand.

These new training arrangements will combine the best aspects of traditional. New Zealand Apprenticeships are for people of all ages, who are new to the industry.

By enrolling in a New Zealand Apprenticeship, you can work towards your specialist trade qualfication at level 4.

Our candidates are work ready! See which apprentice candidates are available in your region—all screened, tested and ready to get started. Just click on 'Find out more' to send an email to the Masterlink Regional Manager.

Signwriting apprenticeships nz news
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