Jetstar core competencies

Resources can be defined as assets that help a firm perform its operations. Contact Us For Further Information We are always happy to hear from anyone in the industry seeking to learn how to manage safety management systems or to brush up on their auditor training for the aviation industry.

Top Management and Employees: We encourage diversity and aim to create an environment where our employees feel valued, respected and enabled. The company runs two complementary airlines brands, Qantas and Jetstar, thereby trying to neutralize the risks associated with each market.

Purpose of the study 2. Various Corporate groups like business information systems, finance, legal, risk and assurance help the company in its operations and compliance to various Government regulations. The Qantas Group employs about 36, people, of whom 96 per cent are based in Australia.

The Group invests a significant part of its profits in customer experience leadership and innovation. However, Qantas comes within the top ten airlines players in terms of fleet size. The establishment of market power through aggressive growth in the region and leverage of existing knowledge assets will create competitive advantage.

Experience in Executive corporate communication and internal communication of technical information to non-technical audiences. As the Group has placed foremost importance on safety, a lot of research and maintenance work goes into ensuring that safety is not compromised at any point.

The product, service and technology innovation can be imitated if not protected with patents. The various implications of the present strategies of the Group have also been discussed in the report. We encourage all our employees to use their different perspectives, talent, skill and experience.

However, suitable resources can be acquired through mergers and acquisitions. February 1, For further information please contact info 7skies. If group work is done synergistically, the quality of research would be better than if it is done individually.

Strong performance in domestic: The number of citations is not a true reflection of your research, but the quality of the sources and the manner in which you incorporate this material into the paper would be considered as important factors in the evaluation of the assignment.

In managing this regional expansion Qantas will need to thoughtfully develop its management structures to support successful integration of different cultural and institutional practices and align them constructively with the central vision and direction of the company.

For sustaining the competitive advantage over long run, the valuable and unique characteristics should be accompanied by it being inimitable.

We founded 7Skies to respond to increasing demands for capabilities that is desired to effectively manage cross cultural collaboration. Qantas also acquired NetworkAviation in Decwhich specializes in airlines services to mining communities.

Working on Group Assignments You are encouraged to work in a group for assignment 2. Synergies must continue to be assessed and developed as each segment evolves to maximise value creation. Qantas is also the sole domestic player to offer multi-tiered domestic lounges.

Resource Based View emphasizes on the resources of a firm in creating strategies to achieve sustainable competitive advantage Henry, This analysis has been done by Wernerfelt where he shows that a firm owning a valuable resource possesses resource-position barrier analogous to entry barrier.

As one of the oldest airlines of Australia, the experience is unique. The competition is also increasing with gradual deregulation of the airlines industry by the Australian Government and arrival of low-price airlines of Asian hubs.

Strong performance in domestic: Qantas relationship with its customers is critical to its business strategy and they must continue to find new ways of satisfying their existing customer needs while anticipating and capturing emerging customer requirements in response to industry, environmental and competitive changes.

Careful consideration should be given to the negative effectives of over diversification in order not to divert attention from organic growth focus on existing segments Kenny, While the infrastructure, employees, and product, service and technology are indispensable for every day operations, the experience, brands, top-management and diversified business portfolio add value to the reputation and services provided by the Qantas Group.


Prahalad and Hamel provide three tests for checking core competencies of an organization: Indian customers will tend to believe that Dec-can service will improve based on reputation of Qantas. Ours is a team where everyone is encouraged to bring new ideas to the table.

Strength in a particular resource can then be utilized to diversify into related markets where the particular resource is valuable. At the same time, the market conditions in Asia are creating opportunity with the liberalisation of the bilateral services agreement improving the competitive conditions between airlines Fu, X.

Not following the time frame has invariably led to bitterness and bad assignment. Qantas Freight operates the international freight division of both Qantas and Jetstar airlines. Our aviation safety courses provide the knowledge and skills for managing safety systems in air travel.

Jetstar Airways is committed to ensuring that all Australians have the opportunity to undertake the best training within Australia and they can do it with the knowledge that it is one of the most cost effective programs available.

Qantas Core Competencies

Core Competencies A core competency is a concept in management theory originally advocated by CK Prahalad, and Gary Hamel, two business book writers. In their view a core competency is a specific factor that a business sees as being central to the way it, or its employees, works.

It fulfills three key criteria: 1. Core Competencies and Competitive Advantage: Qantas is considered as one of the top and award winning brand in Australia. It is famous for its ability to provide excellent customer service, reliability, safety and outstanding engineering and operational services (Qantas Airways Limited Fact File ).

creates a distinctive competencies of the company. These competencies create products with cost or differentiation advantages. This is the competitive advantage at product level. One of the generated values from the competitive advantages at product level is company's competitive position. Qantas's main defence mechanism to remain competitive is to continually upgrade its core competencies across the multitude of customer service platforms and to continue to pioneer innovations such as the CityFiyer services on key trunk routes/5(2).

Qantas's Core Competencies (by Yong) Based upon an independent study by Grant Samuel & Associates, Qantas is one of the most suc-cessful airlines in the world with solid long term growth potential (Qantas Airways Limited ).

Jetstar core competencies
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