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He feels out of control when it comes to group work pg. Based on the leadership styles, Henry was a team leader [16]. Most importantly, all team members were committed to working together and would like to have the business successfully implemented.

He should monitor the socio-emotional need of the team members to ensure that they were happy and were being productive.

Henry Tam and the MGI Team

Alex also felt in the second meeting that the group was very unorganized. Third, we recommend they set clear expectations and boundaries. Summary of Team analysis Based on our analysis, we believe that the MGI team comprises of people with different background, and are also elites.

It was a complex dynamic. Henry Tam Exhibit 1: We would evaluate the strengths of the MGI team based on each individuals skills, knowledge, expertise and personality to analyse whether they would be a good team and would this team work.

Although the founding members were close knit, they had problems with new team members in the past.

An Analysis of Henry Tam and the MGI Team

According to Dav, Sasha is stubborn while Roman is less stubborn and gives reluctantly. The team had little success thus far working together having experienced conflicts and tensions.

Henry Tam and the MGI Team Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

One of the many components of the professional world is collaborative effort. Henry did most of the job and Dav did not have much to do. It's all about the humans. He expresses to have high standards for himself as well as for the group. Sasha expresses a little about the different characteristics of different group members.

The first action that Henry should do is giving team members autonomy and independence to work freely to generate new and bright ideas.

MGI team is considered as intercultural team with its members from different cultures. From that reason, it also leads the team to the barrier of building unity and collaborations.

Even the three founders had some conflict among themselves. Sasha states that it would be a failure to focus on the education market because MGI has neither the experience nor interest to do so.

Establish Meeting Agendas to maintain goal focus Rationale: Question 4 What could Henry have done earlier to avoid the team problems. We certainly think so and we recommend Henry to step up to be a good team leader for the MGI team. We felt that the team members did not have a common goal.

Henry could have written the meeting objectives and communicated them clearly to the group prior the meetings. Effective communication is a vital part of any team. Yet, the question remains — how can Henry help MGI be successful with so many varied challenges. They did not manage their time appropriately.

Harmonizing in this case shows that team members mediate between differences between others to find the common ground in disputes. This will allow the group to develop focus and influence, and motivate them to greater effort. In order to advance the group, we recommend that they make changes in their strategy to form the cohesion in their group.

Henry needs to eliminate personality conflicts among the team, and get everyone to agree on a joint team decision. The conflict is noticed by Henry and Igor, and Igor steps in to resolve the issue.

Henry Tam & The MGI Team

Although the team differed in meeting style ideas, it was important to stay goal focused with the business plan deadline rapidly approaching.

Both Henry and Dana were under a lot of stress juggling this project in tandem with their school work. HENRY TAM and the MGI TEAM HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL Harvard Business School Business Plan Contest 3 weeks left Education or Entertainment market Group is divided on issue 4 interrelated issues prevent group from moving forward 1.

Lack of Role Clarity 2. Leadership Vacuum 3.


Lack of Constructive Climate. Henry Tam and the Mgi Team Words Oct 28th, 7 Pages The MGI Team Case Study is a lesson in the difficulties faced by a team with inadequate leadership. May 02,  · Henry Tam. Exhibit 1: Analysis of Henry Tam’s Team A.

Leading Teams are defined by the text as the highly effective teams that are shared and motivated by its team members. Evidence of leading teams from Henry Tam and the Music Games International (MGI) Teams includes.

Within a short time frame, seven diverse team members assemble to write a business plan for a new company and struggle to define their roles, make decisions together, and resolve conflict. Henry Tam and the MGI Team Case - Main Managerial Problem On the surface, the seven-member MGI team which comprised of Henry Tam and Dana Soiman – both current HBS MBA Students, Alex Sartakov – a Berklee College of Music student, Dav Clar – a MIT graduate student, and Alexander (Sasha) Gimpelson, Igor Tkachenko, and Roman Yakub – the MGI founders, seems like an ideal team, with.

We would evaluate the strengths of the MGI team based on each individuals skills, knowledge, expertise and personality to analyse whether they would be a good team and would this team work.

An Analysis of Henry Tam and the MGI Team

On paper, we identified a multi talented team composition as one of the strengths.

Henry tam mgi team
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The HR Guy: Henry Tam and the MGI Team